Background check
Background check

We provide professional background
investigations for all sectors and individuals and to offer an insight into the background of the chosen subject or business you may require investigation in. Today we deliver a professional service that will assist you in making informed decisions in a straight forward easy to read report and a well thought out process.

On personal requests, the reasons for considering a personal or private background check are many: often we are contacted by a concerned family member when someone in the family has started dating someone that they are concerned about or even verifying a new tenant renting out your property or a new business partner or venture.

We are also regularly contacted by clients concerned that their spouse may be acting unfaithfully, whilst a background check might not be the most appropriate or normal practice for such a situation, a history of infidelity and lies told to a previous partner in relation to their history can be a cause for concern.

What we do

Our background checks delve into the individual's personal identifying data, beginning with their name, address and identity, whatever your reason you can be assured of an accurate and complete investigation of a subject's history. You can also be assured that our background check is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

All our searches are completed and investigated by our senior investigators and all our reports will look to contain as much relevant information to help you make those choices.

But contrary to many firms operating in the UK, we will supply checks to various firms in various sectors, as well as dealing with individual requests from the public. As long as your reasons for the enquiry are justified and genuine.

How we do it

Our services, and all searches we undertake will be legal and law abiding and we will gather the information and present this to you in the understanding that the subjects of enquiry are genuine reasons for concern and are not going to be subject to obtrusive intelligence and will not be the subject of a whim or fascination.

As professional Private Investigators we know what information is available and how to provide you with an accurate, detailed background check no matter where your subject resides whether here in the UK or almost anyway else in the world however well they think their past to be hidden. We also understand that you do not want to the subject to be aware of your concerns and of our investigation and you can be assured of our confidentiality and professionalism.

We hope that you find our background checks helpful informative, concise, we value your feedback so that we can continuously develop and enhance our services further.

If you require more details regarding this service or would like to speak to one of our team please email us direct on: where someone with experience in the matter can assist you more.

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UK Background checks

Completed within various timescales and verified here in the UK and verifying all information with a professional registered investigator based in the UK.

Property ownership
Business records analysed
Relationships investigated
Address records confirmed
Marriage and birth records
Identity and alias checks
Press and media records
Social network information
Wanted files for UK and Europe
Fraud and sanction lists
Terrorist wanted files

Plus many more legal checks tailored to your requirements

Professional Background checks

Including visits to the properties by a covert operative and gathering with photographic evidence and compiling a full lifestyle report on the subject as well as a conducting a full data search on them.

Covert visits achieved by our network of agents
Employment history and current employers
Business interests
Bankruptcies and insolvencies
Property searches by subject name here in the UK and overseas
Vehicle and finance checks
Lifestyle reports

Plus many more tailored for your requirements.

International background requests

All areas and cities covered with instant responses Starting from £295.00

Database information gleaned
Criminal history (country permitting)
Covert visits with photographic evidence
Identity issues investigated
Civil court cases and credit history
Property ownership
Driving records (country permitting)
Family and association checks
Date of birth verification

Plus many more tailored to your requirements

Business due diligence

Verified records and tangible proof, essential before making decisions Before making decisions - bespoke service

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Please let me sincerely thank your team in uncovering this woman, without your help she would I’ve no doubt left my father high and dry and took all his life savings, please thank the person responsible for the fine work and I have no question in recommending you to anyone in my position.

JA S.W London
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