Best Background Check Site – What To Look For

You may have become increasingly aware of the importance of carrying out a background check on any prospective member of staff you are thinking of taking on. But, if you haven’t done this kind of thing before, it can be intimidating. What, therefore, is the best background check site to use?

Firstly, you can carry out some level of checks on prospective employees yourself from within your organisation. But, there is always the risk of missing out on important information, either through lack of knowledge or by being taken in by a website that makes unrealistic promises. It is always better to put your requests in the hands of professionals that have experience in the field and can demonstrate previous success in helping employers make the right choices about who to employ. Look for a private investigator who has carried out work within the industry in which you are active. Check that the service you choose is comprehensive, going beyond merely checking online databases (which practically anyone can do). Instead, choose a company that will tailor the search to your business needs. If the role you are filling is high profile, for instance, you will want to verify the individual’s reputation, so a press and media search will be invaluable. Is the individual from overseas? If so, look for expertise in working in foreign countries. Finally, the DBS government website itself stresses that it can take around 8 weeks for a check to be made, so don’t be fooled by unrealistic timescales. Expect it to take time for a full and proper check to be made.

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