Latest Dating Scams – Tips To Avoid Getting Caught Out When Online Dating

Most people you meet virtually on an online dating site will be genuine. However, a small proportion will not. If you want to avoid falling for the latest dating scams, it is always wise to keep your wits about you and exercise a little common sense when talking to strangers.

One of the increasingly common dating scams in this social media savvy age is called the catfish scam. This involves an individual creating a false persona online with an entire back story, and encouraging another party to fall in love with this fictitious person. The victims of this are not usually pushed for money. But, it can be heart-breaking and mortifying to discover the person you thought you had fallen in love with is actually someone else, perhaps even of a different gender entirely. As with the classic online fraud dating scams, the warning signs are similar. Apparently fast to fall in love, the catfish encourages intimacy with their victim, but, will go to any lengths to avoid meeting them, creating family and personal tragedies to explain why they cannot travel. Another scam much seen on dating websites is married or otherwise committed individuals pretending to be single in an attempt to begin an affair with someone genuinely looking for love. Again, the consequences are not often of a financial nature, but the victim is left feeling bruised and embarrassed at best. Typical signs here will include attempts at intimacy, but a marked reluctance to answer direct questions about their day-to-day life.

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