Private Detective: What Is One? What Do They Do?

Private detective: you will probably be familiar with the term, along with private investigator, PI or private eye, but might not be as familiar with what one actually is and what services they can provide. Here we offer a handy guide to private detectives. A private detective is a professional, hired by legal firms, private companies, insurance providers and private individuals, to either gather information and intelligence or disprove allegations. The cases they handle may range from infidelity investigations to background checks, pre-employment checks, surveillance and fraud prevention. Professional private detectives often have background, relevant experience and training from law enforcement. Their skill sets are honed to investigate and research a client's needs.

What Services Does A Private Investigator Provide?

A private detective is a trained professional with a range of skills who is able to assist clients in a large variety of case types. Whilst we might all be familiar with the image of a private detective who surveils a suspected cheating spouse, a private investigation company or individual detective can provide many more services for a much greater range of possible clients. Examples of when an individual might need to hire such a detective includes investigating suspicions of infidelity, online fraud prevention and identity theft, or locating a missing person whether that’s a family member or someone who owes you money. For a business, the uses are even wider. A ‘PI’ assists business with pre-employment screening and background checks on job applicants, investigating insurance claims, surveillance, running criminal background checks via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and investigating employee absenteeism. Hiring a private investigator might not be your first thought in these instances but employing their services can bring closure to an ongoing issue as well as giving you peace of mind. This course of action remains the most effective way to get to the bottom of a complex issue. Private detective services will typically specialise in one or more particular types of investigation – this can affect which kind of clients they will work with and clearly, which agency you should hire for our own issue. A private detective and investigator might specialise in online fraud or identity theft, for example, and their skill set would therefore include computer forensics, data recovery and computer surveillance.

How To Find A Private Detective

As technology advances and the internet becomes increasingly important in business and private matters; and as we increasingly become more a global village, hiring the right detective agency is no longer as simple as it used to be. There is a huge growth in demand for private detective company services for an ever wider set of issues. It is estimated that there are around 10,000 private detectives and investigators working in the UK. Between them, they offer an array of services which can vary from something as basic as serving documents to hugely complex inquiries into insurance fraud. Some may specialise in locating missing persons, others in preventing and countering identity and intellectual property theft. The skills needed to investigate infidelity, cyber-crime and prevent or identify dating scams are also much in demand. It’s worth noting that only around 20% of UK investigators have registered with a peer-led standards association, one way to guarantee your investigator will adhere to the ethical code required to conduct your case fairly and legally. These providers are often the most professional, discreet and secure. To find a private detective best suited to your requirements, look for an agency or individual detective with specific skills in the area in which you need them. Once you have selected an agency, check their credentials on their website, testimonials from previous clients and so on. One company that ticks all the boxes is UK Background Checks, a UK based private investigation company and part of a global network of investigation services.

Get Professional Private Detective Services From UK Background Checks

If you need to hire a private investigator on either a personal or corporate matter, you need to make sure you are working with someone who has the skills, qualifications and experience. These are necessary so they can successfully handle your case and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. Making sure you have the right private detective for your own specific needs is paramount. Simply head to our website, or get in touch with the UK Background Checks team so we can discuss your case.