Private Investigator – What Can They Do For You?

Private investigator services have grown in popularity across the UK in recent years. The reasons why a person, employer or public authority might need to utilise the services of such an agency are varied. Issues with which a detective can help with range from background checks for employers to dating background checks and investment checks. With the prevalence of online communications and multiple personas, making sure that the people you are engaging and doing business with are genuine is becoming harder. The world in which a private investigator or PI operates and the methods they use might be alien to most of us. However, if you do hire an investigator, you need to make sure you are hiring a professional and discreet organisation.

Employee Background Check - What Could You Find Out?

Let’s start by looking at the business world and how a pre-employment background check on employees can help you. If you are running a business or are in charge of hiring new staff, you want to be sure you are hiring the right people for your team. This is even more important if you are recruiting for sensitive areas of your business or for senior roles. With high volumes of applicants it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff when deciding who to both interview and later hire. Hiring the wrong candidate can cause issues within a team or the business at large; reflect badly upon you as a hiring manager; and impact on relationships with customers or clients. Using employee background check services through an authorised agency or investigation firm will provide you with a much greater and deeper range of information about potential employees. Private investigation firms can research and verify a candidate's qualifications, background, employment history, financial history (if relevant to the role) and perform a criminal records bureau (CRB) check. Using an investigation agency will ensure you are working within the law when conducting background checks and ensure you are getting consistent, reliable information. Professional security checking means you can be confident that the people you interview and eventually hire are suitable in every way possible for the role.

Dating Scams – Don’t Fall Into One

It might seem a little unromantic but the next area of background checks where a private investigator can help is to stop you falling victim of a dating scam. Dating scams and dating agency scams are on the rise in the UK in direct correlation with the boom in online dating. With more than one in four of us either are using or have used online dating services. Whilst most of us sign up for online dating and have a happy experience, unfortunate individuals are increasingly being targeted by fraudsters and organised crime. The latest dating scams often target singletons by creating false profiles. And, once a relationship begins to develop, asking for money for a range of reasons, from travel expenses and airline tickets to just asking to ‘borrow’ funds till they can repay it. Figures from 2014 showed that there were 651 dating scams reported in a three-month period. On average, the victims handed over £9,589 to perpetrators and those operating the scam. Using an investigator to carry out a background check might not be romantic, but it can make sure that the person you are communicating with is real and genuine. Whilst it might be heart-breaking to find out the person you have formed a relationship with is either not real or has deceived you in a serious way, it can protect you from becoming the next scam victim.

Private Detective – Putting Your Mind At Ease

Hiring a private detective company and a private investigator can also help with more discreet areas of life or longer term surveillance which require a private detective. Whilst it might seem extreme, and is often shown in that light in movies and TV shows, hiring a private detective to surveil a suspected cheating partner can sometimes be necessary and is a growing part of the private surveillance and investigation industry. A top private detective London will be able to either allay your fears of a cheating spouse or provide you with evidence of infidelity which can later be used in divorce proceedings. A private detective and investigator can also assist with other areas of family life such as helping to find missing children or restoring contact to a parent who has lost contact with their child. They can even help in finding other lost family members; investigating cases of wrongful death; investigating claims of abuse in care or respite homes; and finding and recovering lost or stolen property. The better private detectives will also be able to help prevent clients from harassment and property or personal damage.

Private Investigator London – How To Hire One

London is home to over eight million people. With people and businesses from every corner of the globe in one huge melting pot, the city can be an exciting place to live and work. At the same time, however, there is no doubt that London as such a vibrant city can also be a place brimming with dangers, scams and situations for the ignorant or unwary to fall foul of. Here is where you may need the services of a private investigation agency. If you live or work in the city, hiring a private investigator London means having a dedicated professional private detective on hand and in a location convenient to you. Hiring a London based investigator who is close to home means you can take more time to discuss in confidence your private or professional concerns. It can also help keep costs down as private investigator London prices will inevitably be cheaper if they are residing and more importantly working in the local area. UK Background Checks is a professional, discreet and secure London-based private investigation and private detective firm which can assist individuals and businesses with their private investigation needs.

Private Investigator – Have Confidence With UK Background Checks

UK Background Checks offers a range of private investigator and detective services from our offices based in London. The services we provide and issues we can help with include dating background checks, fraud checks, due diligence on business records and verification of records and assets as well as investment and pre-employment checks on candidates for recruiters and businesses. If you need discreet, professional private investigation services you can contact us via telephone on 00 44 3450 343935during office hours or email us via the contact form on our website at