London Private Detectives – Can They Help With Criminal Record Checks?

The law surrounding criminal records in the UK can be confusing for the uninitiated. You may have genuine reasons for wanting to know whether a particular individual has a criminal record or not, but it’s not as simple as making a check online on a database. Here’s what London private detectives can help you with.

Generally, this information is not available to the wider public. Beware of the many websites that promise to reveal this information to you, especially if they are asking for a fee upfront. Data on individuals’ criminal records is only available from the relevant official authorities and you must have a good reason to ask for this information. If you are an employer hiring new staff and you intend to offer an applicant a post with your organisation, especially if the role includes working with children or vulnerable adults, then you have a right to find out what their past holds. However, to do so, you must have signed permission from the applicant beforehand, otherwise the authority will not honour your request. A private detective London can efficiently carry out single or bulk checks on this for you with the relevant permissions. A standard disclosure reveals only unspent convictions, while a more expensive enhanced disclosure will tell you about cautions, reprimands and final warnings as well. Perhaps you want to know what information is held on your own record? With your permission, a private investigator can ask for disclosure of this, so you can check, for example, what prospective employers may see if they carry out a background check on you.

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