Dating Scams On Match – Don’t Fall For One Of The Few Bad Guys

Without being too alarmist, it is worth bearing in mind that even the biggest and best known dating sites are not immune to unsavoury characters. Dating scams on Match, for instance, tend to occur with just as much frequency as anywhere else, so it pays to be aware of the risks.

With the best will in the world, even the largest companies cannot carry out an exhaustive check on every member to ensure they are who they say they are. When looking for love or companionship online, therefore, it is worth always maintaining a degree of caution when engaging with anyone, even the most innocent-sounding connection. Dating scams are successful not only because they can be sophisticated, but seeking out, and prey on, naturally optimistic people who tend to see the best in everyone. If you feel you have made a connection with a correspondent on the site, ask yourself a couple of basic questions before you let your guard down. Do the other party’s messages seem tailored to yours? Are they answering your questions and providing details beyond generic, stock answers? Are the spelling and grammar what you might reasonably expect from the person they allege to be on their profile? Many scammers are in fact based overseas and work from a script. Responses to your messages may well be cut and pasted from that script and so may come across as repetitive, vague or be quite difficult to understand.

If you think you’re becoming serious about someone you have met online, but doubt their intentions, a good private investigator may be able to give you the reassurance you seek. Call our team at UK Background Checks on +44(0)845 512 0440. You may also contact us through our website at to make sure you don’t fall victim to dating scams on Match.