Best Private Detective – Why Membership Of The ABI Is A Good Indicator

It is estimated that there are around 10,000 private investigators operating in the UK; it can be difficult to ensure you are hiring the best private detective for your needs. Here is a good way to check the firm you intend to work with are reliable and professional, when working on a particular case.

In the absence of any government regulation of the industry, anyone can set themselves up as a private investigator. Given this, it pays to be careful, and do a little research before you hand a sensitive case over to anyone that makes bold promises. The very best check you can perform is to see whether the firm you are thinking of abides by a solid code of practice. The best accreditation a UK private detective can have is membership of the Association of British Investigators. This is a peer-led professional standards body that seeks to promote excellence, integrity and professionalism within the private investigations industry; and its members’ campaign for regulation. To be enrolled with the ABI, private investigators must undertake an entrance examination. They must also pass a criminal records check via the Disclosure and Barring Service and are tested for their financial probity as well. Once they are members of the ABI, there is a strict code of practice and a disciplinary code that must be met in order to keep their membership. The ABI is endorsed by the Law Societies for England and Wales, and Scotland. The ABI website carries a list of registered firms, so you can check whether the detective you are hiring is registered.

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