Dating Scam – Typical Signs That You Are Being Taken In

Everyone wants to love and be loved, and in recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people seeking relationships that begin online. But, it’s now estimated that as many as one in ten online profiles are false. What are the signs that the person you are talking to is operating a dating scam?

The following are all broad indicators drawn from experience of working on cases involving dating scams. While each element may appear innocent enough in itself, two or more combined may suggest that all is not well and it’s time to step back from the budding relationship. Firstly, you will be contacted by someone who appears to be your ideal match. Their hobbies, interests and life goals will typically mirror your own and you may think it is uncanny that you have found someone so perfect. Secondly, you will receive frequent complimentary and loving messages. But, at an early stage, they will aim to detach you from the dating site, preferring to communicate with you via email or Skype. This removes the safety net the dating site provides. Thirdly, messaging will increase in volume – they will reply to you almost instantly, every time, and you may find you are spending much longer communicating with them. Messages will ask for many details of your life, but give few away about their own. You may also notice that meetings are arranged, but for one reason or another, do not take place. The final warning sign is being asked for money – even a small amount. At this stage, it is time to get the professionals involved.

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