Employee Background Check For Small Businesses

You may be forgiven for thinking that as a small business, there is little need to carry out an appropriate employee background check on a prospective hire. After all, you trust your intuition and what’s the worst that could happen? In fact, all businesses are susceptible to serious consequences if they fail to carry out due diligence when employing new staff.

Firstly, you could face a hefty fine if you fail in your duty to ensure the individual in question is legitimately allowed to work in this country. At the time of writing, this penalty could cost you as much as £20,000 and what small business could survive a financial loss as heavy as this? Secondly, in a small organisation, every role matters, probably more than in a multi-national concern, where there are teams of people to pick up the slack. Your staff must be prepared to pull their weight and make a difference every day. What if you employ someone who convincingly claims qualifications and a level of experience they simply don’t have? Far better to find out through a background check before you offer them the contract than find out later that they are not up to the requirements of the job. Recruitment is a costly business and as a minimum, you will be looking at having to repeat that process a lot sooner than you think. If you work with sensitive data or vulnerable individuals, the whole future of your company is at risk if you accidentally employ someone whose criminal record makes them inherently unsuitable for the role in question.

An employee background check by a professional private investigator will probably cost you less than you think. At UK Background Checks, we have tailored solutions for small businesses. Take a look at our website, https://www.ukbackgroundchecks.com/, and then give us a call to find out for free how we could help you on +44(0)845 512 0440 today.