Detective Private Investigations In Divorce Cases

The most contested and long running element of any divorce proceedings is usually the part that deals with how the marital assets are to be divided between the two parties. This aspect is known as ‘ancillary relief’; although it may go on long after the decree absolute has been granted. Here’s how a detective private investigation can assist to resolve matters.

A private detective may be able to find evidence that your ex-partner is now cohabiting with another party, which may be important in terms of negotiating a fair financial settlement when it comes to it. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your ex-partner is concealing assets to which you might otherwise be entitled, a private investigator can look for evidence of these financial details. This may involve uncovering bank accounts you were not previously aware of, or tracing and cataloguing physical assets that may then be subject to any court-ordered settlement. If you decide to turn to a private detective agency for assistance, it is, of course, vital that you choose a reputable firm to carry out the investigation. You need to be sure that the firm you select understands the importance of gathering evidence fairly and ethically, and to ensure that that evidence will be admissible in court if necessary. You should also note that it is not the detective firm that decides what to do with the evidence that they gather. Naturally, they can lend a sympathetic ear, but the final decision as to what steps to take, should and must, lay with the client and their solicitor.

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