Scam Dating - Who Are The Victims?

Few people can resist the wonderful feeling of being in love, and very often we fail to exercise the caution we should when we believe we have met the person of our dreams. Especially vulnerable to scam dating are those who seek love on the internet. But, who do these criminals typically target?

Ironically, dating scams are usually targeted at the nicest of people. To carry out their fraud, the perpetrators need to find kind-hearted and sympathetic individuals who will be vulnerable to their stories and requests for money. They often also specifically look for individuals who are genuinely searching for love in a long term relationship, rather than a short term fling, as these people tend to invest more effort into a budding romance. Another common factor in those who fall victim to these kinds of cons are women who have specified a particular type of man in their own profile; expressing a preference for military men, for example. This gives the scammer the opportunity to target their fake identity exactly towards their victim’s preference, and they may also ensure that hobbies and interests are a perfect match. Early questions to the victim will be plentiful, but, geared towards finding out what their target’s personal circumstances are – about their job, their salary and other sources of income, for example. They want to know that financially, this person is a lucrative lead worth pursuing.

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