Match Dating Scams – Even The Biggest Sites Are Not Immune

Match is estimated to be the most used dating site online around the world today. You would think, then, that this popularity would mean that it was one of the safer places to search for the love of your life. In fact, Match dating scams are just as common as any other.

It’s nearly impossible even for the most reputable of dating sites to keep up with the ingenuity of the fraudsters. And yet, it is a lot easier than you think to protect yourself from dating scams by exercising the right degree of caution and common sense. To keep safe while online, remember if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. This applies whether it’s the profile photo of a near-perfect super model, or a man boasting incredible wealth and generosity. Keep your private life as private as possible by giving away as few details as you can about your job, your personal circumstances and your savings. Why would a genuine love interest want to know about this so early in the relationship anyway? Never give away financial or banking details such as your credit card number, or send money by any means. Aim to communicate only with people from your local area. Be aware that some fraudsters will pretend to be local to you, although possibly claim to be working abroad. Look for clues that they do not know your area as well as they should, such as misspelled place names and landmarks. Finally, if you have concerns but are not sure, consider hiring a trained private investigator to verify their details before you get in too deep.

Actions like this not only save you being conned out of money, they can prevent embarrassment and heartbreak. For further advice on what to do about suspected Match dating scams, speak to UK Background Checks. Contact us through our website at or call us on 00 44 3450 343935for non-judgemental assistance.