Romance Dating Scams – Five Tips To Prevent Heart Break

Why are romance dating scams enjoying such attention these days? Well, it’s estimated that around 49 million people in Europe alone visit dating sites each and every month. Around one in every five relationships in the UK now begins online. Inevitably, a minority of malicious people will take advantage.

How can you protect yourself from dating scams, then? Here are five top tips. Firstly, be prepared to take your time building any potential relationship. Don’t be tempted to leave the relative safety of the dating site to communicate, especially if your correspondent seems over-keen and pushing for that to happen. Secondly, only share photos and images with them that you would be happy for your friends and family to see. Scammers have been known to use explicit images sent by their victims to blackmail them. Thirdly, once you have their name, do a little research online. See if they have a Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media profile. Does what they say about themselves match what you see online? Fourthly, if you have concerns, speak openly to a friend about your potential match and see what they think. If alarm bells ring for them too, it’s a sign that your instincts are right. Lastly, if you are asked for money, or have any other concerns, cease all contact with the correspondent and report your interaction to the dating site administrators. This can help protect you and others.

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