London Private Investigator – Who Can Advertise As A PI?

The truth is that anyone can advertise their services as a London private investigator. There is currently no system in place for regulating who can do so. The government is in the process of putting such a safeguard in place, but until that time, it’s contingent on the hiring company, or individual, to do their own checks on the investigator.

If you are in need of a private investigator to look into a matter, whether it’s personal or professional, how can you tell that you are going to get the services of a suitable operative? There are a number of factors you should check when you first find a company you are interested in, all of which centre on the agency being able to be held accountable if things go wrong, and having the right experience for the task at hand. Firstly, check that the private investigator London has a website that looks both professional and informative. This is no guarantee in itself, but helps build an overall picture of competence. Next, look for a landline number, not just a mobile, and a registered address. This helps ensure you are employing an established firm, not a fly-by-night solo operator who could disappear with your money. Check that the firm is registered in England and Wales with Companies House by looking for a company registration number. All investigators are also required to notify potential clients that they comply with Data Protection Act requirements too, so check for evidence of this. Finally, look for supporting evidence for any claims the agency makes about its professionalism and expertise, such as a previous client list and figures on success.

These are some of the minimum checks you should make before entrusting your confidential details to any London private investigator. You’ll find all these reassurances and more at UK Background Checks. Our agency has years of experience and a reputation that is second to none. Call us today on +44(0)845 512 0440 or visit for details.