Employee Background Check Services – What Are My Legal Obligations As An Employer?

Whether you regularly take on new employees, or only hire people from time to time, as an employer, you have legal responsibilities when it comes to ensuring each individual is fit to work for your organisation. Employee background check services are here to help you comply with your obligations. Read on for more information.

Absolutely, the first check that must be made is to establish that the individual you are thinking of hiring is legally allowed to work in the UK. Employers can be fined up to £20,000 if they are not able to show appropriate evidence that they have taken steps to establish that any employee has a right to employment within the UK. A reliable and professional private investigator firm can ensure that before you make an offer of employment, the individual concerned is who they say they are, and holds the appropriate credentials and paperwork to prove it. If your company is involved in healthcare or works directly with children, you must additionally carry out a criminal background check to ensure they have no relevant unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings. This not only protects the company’s client base from potential harm, but also the organisation’s reputation, should anything go wrong later on. Again, an efficient checking service is essential to make sure that you have adequately covered your legal responsibilities, as well as your duty of care to those the potential employee could work with in future.

There are other checks that you can make on individuals you are thinking of employing in positions of trust. Why not put this responsibility in the hands of the experts? See UK Background Checks’ website for details of the employee background check services we provide: https://www.ukbackgroundchecks.com/. You can contact us for a free quote or call us on 00 44 3450 343935if you’d like to discuss your options.