Private Detective In London – Tracking Down Fraud

In this climate of public spending cuts, it may be especially difficult to get the police or other relevant authorities interested in a case of suspected fraud without firm evidence that wrongdoing has taken place. If you think you have been taken for a ride, a private detective in London can compile an evidentiary report on your behalf.

It may be an employee from within your own company, or perhaps a contact you have made over the internet has persuaded you to invest in a plan and then disappeared. No matter what the scenario, a private investigator will have the skills and the resources to uncover and collate the information, with due regard to the legalities. This is in order to build a body of evidence that will be admissible in court, if it comes to this. The kinds of methods a private detective can employ to do this vary on a case by case basis; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. You should expect the investigator you employ to discuss with and recommend to you the best way to approach your case. But, in broad terms, the investigator may carry out due diligence and analysis of books and papers to build up a profile of the business. Surveillance may be a necessary element, as well as asset tracing if money or other resources have been discovered to be missing. Once their case is resolved, a good private detective London based, will be able to recommend steps you can take to prevent this kind of eventuality from recurring in future, such as pre-employment checks.

One company you can trust with your sensitive business information is UK Background Checks. With over 20 years’ expertise in the field, we have the resources and the expertise to allocate the right private detective in London to compile a report that will get the police interested in your case. Speak to us today by calling +44(0)845 512 0440 or find out more at today.