Latest Dating Scam – Overseas Relationships

Online dating works for many people, which explains its huge success and growing popularity as a phenomenon over recent years. But you will be aware from the media that there are also pitfalls, and the latest dating scam is, in fact, by no means new.

However, until recently, few victims had dared to come forward. Embarrassment at being fooled plays a big part in this. UK police encourage anyone who has been drawn into a relationship, where they have been persuaded to part with money, to come forward in order to expose these dating scams. This is the only way perpetrators will be identified, caught and punished. Typically, the first contact comes from a single man, living or working overseas. He says he is keen to move to this country, and as the conversation progresses, he quickly falls deeply in love with his UK correspondent. Apparently eager to know every detail of her life, he is actually assessing her wealth and her susceptibility to handing that wealth over. He will arrange a meeting, only to have to cancel at the last minute due to some tragedy – an accident for example. Claiming a hospital bill, he cannot afford, or a lost plane ticket, he will ask his victim for a sum of money to help. Further requests follow and some UK women are estimated to have lost around £50,000 this way, re-mortgaging homes and going into debt in order to help what is, in effect, a conman.

If you feel that you, or someone you know is getting involved with an unsuitable person online and money has exchanged hands or is about to, take the initiative. Hire a private investigator to carry out a full background check. Call UK Background Checks for expert advice +44(0)845 512 0440 – or have a look at our website for further details of the latest dating scam at