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We are at our busiest undertaking relationship enquires.

We are investigating many horror stories on the Net and the examination of romance in today age of technology and computer dating makes it harder for the genuine situations to blossom. We will reveal the realities of the subject behind the keyboard and often we uncover worrying discrepancies.

Many stories originate from dating sites and many hustlers are operating on them. They can operate alone or in groups and most will originate from Africa. We ask our clients to substantiate the relationship to look to confirm details at an early stage, also not to get carried away and to watch for the claims of undying love at such early stages in these online chats, calls, messengers, email exchanges and even posted love poems.

Now that online dating has gone from a somewhat fringe phenomenon to a now popular and a mainstream way to chat this astonishing social revolution is affecting millions of lives and until now it has gone largely undetected.We here in the UK believe our experience and worldwide knowledge in this somewhat delicate and life changing area puts us in the front of our peers using our global wisdom at the forefront.

We have discovered many different lies and dishonesty which leaves us truly disheartened at times. Similarly we have also discovered individuals and pairings that were meant to be and helped our clients to get reassurance, and ultimately peace of mind.

We can normally uncover the cheats and the fakes who are masquerading on the Web to facilitate their cheating, or we can genuinely investigate and confirm that your subject of enquiry is whom you think them to be.

Rest assured no matter how hard or how long it may take us we will take a look at life beyond the laptop and screen.

We are, at any given time, dealing with many 'cyber relationship' denying or confirming identities and crucially giving peace of mind or sometimes heart-breaking news to our clients. This is with the use of high-tech psychological profiling, background investigations and covert presence on the ground of the chosen or freshly revealed country.

Sometimes it can just be the noticing of patterns that our agent has seen before or it can be the use of a photo that our agent can tell has been used somewhere else before, such as another name or profile. It may also be as simple as you are in the relationship and you are unsure of what is being said and you need closure to move on or to move forward with the relationship.

Current and recent enquires have all been involving the UK and deal with countries such as: Senegal, Nigeria, the Ukraine, USA, Pakistan and India.

We are able in nearly all circumstances to identify the time wasters, the liars, fraudsters and the real genuine people at an early stage and we believe we are the leading agency in the world for this sort of enquiry.

If you require more details regarding this service or would like to speak to one of our team please contact us here or call us directly on 03450 343945 where someone with experience in the matter can assist you more.


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